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What Is Driscoll Model of Reflection? Guidelines for Writing Assignment On It

Reflective models provide a framework for students to review their performance with a view to understanding personal reactions and performance levels and the way they can improve. There are several models which may be used to guide the process, which requires the willingness to be self-critical. As told by an assignment writing service , the Driscoll Model is one of these frameworks. The John Driscoll Model of Reflection is a framework for reflection, developed into a structured process to guide reflection. There are several models of reflection and there is no one right choice. It is important to choose the model that matches the person who will be using it. Driscoll first developed their reflective model in 1994 as a framework to guide self-reflection on specific events or happenings. The model was based on the 1970s work of Borton who had advocated for reflective practice using three questions: What? So what? Now what? These three questions are useful but many argue that they are so