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How to Deal with Racism as an Asian Student?

Racism is a belief that explains that a group of people or community is superior than the others. This superiority complex is due to colour, race, and behavioural traits. It is discrimination towards a community because of a different race and ethnicity. Every society practices this thing. But Asian students are facing this issue more in the UK universities. According to Al Jazeera, Asian students in the UK have faced a 300% increase in hate crimes since last year. Almost every university has an anti-racism policy. But despite those, university managements are failing to eradicate this social evil. In recent times, it has been increasing because of White Supremacy. White people think that they are superior than other nations of the world. Apart from this, they will practice this social evil to make fellow students feel low. Most of the time, such incidents are not reported. If students fail to report, the management will take slow action, or award low punishments. This article by exper