How to Deal with Racism as an Asian Student?

Deal with Racism
Racism is a belief that explains that a group of people or community is superior than the others. This superiority complex is due to colour, race, and behavioural traits. It is discrimination towards a community because of a different race and ethnicity. Every society practices this thing. But Asian students are facing this issue more in the UK universities. According to Al Jazeera, Asian students in the UK have faced a 300% increase in hate crimes since last year. Almost every university has an anti-racism policy. But despite those, university managements are failing to eradicate this social evil. In recent times, it has been increasing because of White Supremacy.

White people think that they are superior than other nations of the world. Apart from this, they will practice this social evil to make fellow students feel low. Most of the time, such incidents are not reported. If students fail to report, the management will take slow action, or award low punishments. This article by experts of aims to provide solutions for dealing with racism. Let's discuss these in detail;

Get Support:

The very first step in dealing with racism is getting support. You can get in touch with your close friends. There are chances that your friends are unaware of your issue. You can talk to them and come up with a solution. Apart from this, you can get in touch with your teachers and the university’s management. They will encourage you, and tell you that you are not alone. But if you are still not sure, you should visit the Dean of Students Affairs. You can get a solid solution from his office. You can get support from a group of students belonging to your country as well.

Get Empowered:

Another way to deal with racism is to empower yourself. As a result of racism, you can experience loneliness and helplessness. But once you start working on empowering yourself, you can deal with it. You will be able to deny any negative thoughts. It will also help you in adopting a positive behaviour towards this social evil. You can consider using humour to change an awkward situation with a group of friends. If you are facing any such issue, make sure your voice is loud enough to be heard. You should not act in a way that might give advantage to the other side. Make sure you are confident enough to deal with the situation.

Educate Yourself:

Another important way to deal with racism is educating yourself. It does not mean that you have to enrol yourself in ethics major. But you need to educate yourself to make things easier. You should learn history of the country you are studying in. Apart from this, you should have knowledge about prevailing issues within society. It will help you in getting allies, and you will be able to deal with this issue. It will also include several ways of empowering yourself that can help you in dealing with racism. Apart from this, it will help you in knowing oppression that has impacted other students' lives as well.

Raise Your Voice:

Another way to deal with racism is by raising your voice. It is one of the issues that you will see in your daily life. You may experience this issue either in the classroom, or within the canteen. You may experience this issue in your hostel, or on campus. When you face this issue, you should raise your voice. It is not an issue you will face as an individual, but there are other students too. Whenever you see this issue happening, you should raise your voice. Raising your voice for someone is as important for yourself. But you should make sure not to speak for different groups. You should make sure to share your thoughts and opinions.

Challenge the Behavior:

Another way to deal with racism is by challenging the person's behavior. But you should make sure that you challenge his behavior, not that person as a whole. If you try to accuse him of racism, he might become defensive. So make sure to shut them down, and end the conversation. You should encourage yourself for thoughtfulness so that you can address racist behavior. It will also help you in several other ways. The most important way is to avoid the situation without escalating it. It will also help you avoid name-calling, and you will deal with the situation better in this way.

Try to Leave the Situation:

If you are facing racism, you should try to leave the situation as soon as possible. It will help you in avoiding unnecessary arguments. If you think you cannot raise your voice, you should immediately leave that place. This practice will empower you to become confident. It will make you feel relaxed so that you can avoid any inconvenient situation. Apart from this, it will leave your oppressor in a state of shock. He might not be expecting this behavior from your side. It will also discourage him from practicing racist behavior the next time.

Report the Incident with University Management:

One of the most effective ways for dealing with racism is reporting to the university management. Every university has anti-racism policies. So you should get in touch with the management and report the incident. You should highlight the accused person as well. They will look into the whole matter, and once he is found guilty, he might face severe punishment. This practice will discourage the other students who practice racist behavior.

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Racism is one of the most prevailing issues of every society. It is a self-belief that enables a group of people to think that they are better than the others. They might think so because of personal traits and race. In the recent years, Asian students in UK have faced a 300% increase in hate crimes. This article aimed to provide different solutions for racism. If you are facing racism, you should follow these steps. You can raise your voice, or get in touch with your university’s management. You can challenge the racist behavior, or get support from your fellow students as well.

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