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Pros and Cons of Caffeine for College Students

Introduction Caffeine is a natural stimulant. It is used in coffee, tea, and cacao plants. In recent times, students are consuming caffeine on a large scale. There are several reasons behind this increased consumption. They might use caffeine to stay awake, or for the sake of enjoyment. There might be social aspects too behind the aspect of caffeine consumption. Apart from this, students use it for concentration and increasing energy. In some cases, it improves their mood and releases stress. This article aims to discuss the pros and cons of caffeine consumption for students. Let’s discuss these in detail; Pros of Caffeine Consumption There are several pros of caffeine consumption. These are as follows; Caffeine Gives You Energy: It’s one of the major reasons behind increasing caffeine consumption. Most of the time, students think that it gives them energy. The director of a  cheap essay writing service firm said that it might increase their working capacity, and they can perform well